Here at Physicality Therapies we offer High Quality, Evidence Based Physiotherapy.

What does this mean for me?

Basically you get Quality Assured Practitioners (Backed through assessment by Physiofirst), who employ the latest techniques backed by Evidence.

Evidence is provided through clinical trials and backed by experience and guidelines.

This means you can be assured your Physio will use the latest and greatest techniques in order to provide optimum treatment for your problem/condition

What Does Physiotherapy Involve?

Physiotherapy is:

  • Advice
  • Education about your condition/problem
  • Treatment
  • Home Exercise Advice

Every session will involve a mix of the above

Treatment options will always be discussed with you and then a plan will be formulated and carried out

What Do You Offer?

We can offer home visits or visits to our clinic room in Huyton.

Home visits are typically slightly more expensive than clinic room visits but it does depend on where you are based.

Treatment can be more effective in our clinic room as everything is set up for an effective treatment, however we do understand not everyone wants to/can come to our clinic room - Just talk to us and we can tailor our treatment and location of treatment to you!

What Can You Treat?

Anything! (within reason!) that requires Physiotherapy Treatment.

All of our Physios are fully HCPC registered and also registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy meaning we are fully qualified and regulated for all Physiotherapy services in the UK.

So Contact Us Today and let us know how we can help you!