About Us

We are a Clinic based in Rainhill. We specialise in high quality Physiotherapy and associated therapies based on the latest evidence.

Through this we are the only Clinic in Merseyside to offer APS Electrotherapy which is a new pain relieving therapy which can increase the rate of healing after injuries!

Sports Services are also offered including Physiotherapy at the pitchside and pitchside first aid. We also cover any type of event and can offer most types of services - Just ask us!

We also specialise in Medico-Legal reports and have prepared an extensive amount of reports under the new MEDCO Scheme and also for clinical negligence cases

We can always help you out no matter if you are a patient needing treatment, an organisation wanting a Physiotherapy Provider or a Sports Team wanting pitchside support.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a professional and personal service to all of our clients and we will always keep these values - That’s why people choose Physicality Therapies and why you should too!

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